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Kia Stinger GTS unveiled at the New York International Auto Show


Kia Stinger GTS raises the bar for sports sedans with Limited Edition

The team at Kia came to the New York Auto Show this year eager to showcase their latest version of their highest performing Kia sport sedan – the Stinger GTS.

Just two years in the competitive sport sedan segment, Stinger has captured a serious following of enthusiasts who appreciate its styling, performance and price of a well-crafted sedan loaded with amenities and technologies that enhance the drive experience.

2020 Stinger GTS

This Special Edition Stinger GTS (only 800 will be produced) features an exclusive bright orange paint color, genuine carbon fibre parts and a new all-wheel drive system with an added Drift Mode and an assortment of enhanced features and amenities.

2020 Stinger GTS

Stinger GTS Special Edition

Under the hood and on the road, the Stinger GTS will stand out from the pack says Kia.

Stinger GTS is powered by their 3.3L V6 Twin Turbo pushing out 365 horsepower with 376 lb.-ft. of torque delivered through an 8-speed automatic transmission.  This engine, in a RWD Stinger will do 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

The ‘secret sauce’ in the Stinger GTS Special Edition is a new version of its AWD system.  Enhanced with RWD performance elements, the Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system (D-AWD) amps the road performance of Stinger GTS notably – says Kia.

2020 Stinger GTS

A mechanical limited slip rear differential has been added to the D­AWD system to enhance traction and distribute power more evenly between the rear wheels when slip is detected.

2020 Stinger GTS

Its Drive Mode Select system has been tweaked to amplify rear-biased dynamics.

  • Comfort Mode puts 60 percent of power to the rear wheels
  • Sport Mode ups the rear-wheel bias to 80 percent of power

Drift Mode sends 100 percent to the rear and holds gears without upshifting.

2020 Stinger GTS

A new Control Logic system features:

  • Slip Control and Counter Steer Detection
  • Performance Transmission Shift Pattern

Enhanced Stability Control

2020 Stinger GTS

Visually, inside and out, Stinger GTS will get yours (and others) attention on the street or on the track. 

Attention getting elements outside include the exclusive ‘Federation’ premium orange paint color, genuine carbon fibre trims on the signature tiger nose grille, side mirror caps and side vents, GTS rear emblem and a Stinger emblem (replacing the Kia logo) on the center of the trunk lid.

2020 Stinger GTS

Inside, Stinger GTS features a steering wheel and center console covered in Alcantara and headliner in premium suede-like Chamude.

2020 Stinger GTS

Amenity enhancements in the Stinger GTS include a sunroof, wireless charging for smartphones and their awesome 720-watt Harmon/Kardon premium audio system with QuantumLogic and Clari-Fi signal enhancing technology.

2020 Stinger GTS

Again, only 800 will be available later this Spring. A RWD version will be available. Pricing is expected to start at $44,000 for the RWD and $46,500 for the D-AWD. 

If Stinger GTS looks like it would fit nicely in your garage, you should contact your Kia dealer as soon as possible to get details on how to place your order.

2020 Stinger GTS
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